Sammy's new hair finals

Hey everyone, I’ve made quite a few improvements to the character rendering process and as a result, rebuilt some of the hair textures. This is the final round based on input from both here and on f-book. So tell me what you think so I can ignore you and go with the color I want :stuck_out_tongue:

It does help to black out the ones you aren’t look’n at…just saying

  • Brown
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Violet

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In case you haven’t noticed…there have been an increase in detail as well :smiley:

God damnit, I have to vote Pink. I think it will make her really stand out on the screen.

I honestly thought I’d like the pink better but the more I look at her I think the red fits her better. Although Pink would make her stand out on the screen and with her clothes better.

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I think we might have to see her in-game to make a final decision. Make it so!


Agree, I’ll put her in the bar and shitter and see what that looks like.

This is really hard! It’s a tie between pink & violet for me. I still like the red, but my eyes keep going to the pink and violet, they pop nicely on the screen. My very close second is red, love red. Clearly I conflicted LoL

RED is my final answer. Checking back to see if at a quick glance my mind has changed… it has…I love the RED. It will be cool to see her in the game to see how the hair colors really interact w the full environment.

I’m going to do like Dave asked and composite them into the game screenshots and put them back up separately.