Sammy's Final hair finals!

Okay, as requested, here are the last four Sammy hair styles in context.

  • Red
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Purple

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Haha! I like the purple best, actually. It reads more clearly, especially since Sammy’s clothes tend to make her blend in a bit with her surroundings. Also, it’s ripe for some put-downs by other characters. (“Why’s your hair purple? Did you fall down a timewarp and come back 50 years younger?”)

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I like both, the pink and the purple. It was a hard decision for me. I’d be alright with either.

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Not a fan of pink hair in real life, but it works for Sammy!

Well, it sure does make it easier to see her, and she looks a little more like “Tank Girl” which I like

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Good point. I love Tank Girl. Been a while since I thought about it but Sammy’s resemblance is kind of uncanny now that I do. Derp!

LOL that was one of my initial inspirations for her. (along with others…Melanie Griffith from Cherry 2000)…

“Cherry, get me a Pepsi.” Ha!