Sammy wants to color her hair!

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been playing around with the idea of changing Sammy’s hair to a different color. So I made a swath of hair colors to choose from. So what do you think for a girl who is trapped in a bar in the farthest outpost in the galaxy; what color would she want her hair??? Vote below, comment…

  • 1 - Gray
  • 2 - Blue
  • 3 - Orange
  • 4 - Green
  • 5 - Brown (original)
  • 6 - Pink
  • 7 - Red
  • 8 - Yellow
  • 9 - Violet

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I like the original brown. The others … I don’t know, they just don’t look right. Maybe it’s because the brown looks more uniform.

I like the Violet and the Pink the best. To me, the brown is just kind of plain and boring.

You like brown because you like poop

I picked red, but pink was close also. Whatever hair color we pick, I think something in her clothes (or her nail color) should be similar. Most of those colors will be quite a contrast to what she’s wearing.

She’s a teenager (teens, girls in particular, have a reputation for throwing a certain attitude, I’d imagine the same for her even though she’s basically alone). She has the makings of a redhead :slight_smile: Ps… 2nd for me would be the violet, I think red puts out a stronger vibe/attitude.

I like all things that are brown.

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Yeah maybe brown is a bit pedestrian. I could see a dark red, maybe …

You only like that because it reminds you of bloody poop

Okay, based on feedback on facebook from people…5, and 9 are the winners. People kinda aren’t a big fan of her having colored hair. Also if you think about it, where would she get the hair coloring :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know. I might leave her alone for now. Thoughts?

I’m down with Brown.

Goin’ down to Brown Town.



Easy enough to change out later, right?