Ken and Roberta Williams house for sale - 2.3M

For those of you that might be fans of Sierra Games. This is the custom built home for Ken and Roberta Williams.

I personally think it is just …mehhhh, but that is just me. Funny thing is that Ken and Roberta must think that there are some really rich fans that will buy it, because if you look at the MLS taxes for the house…it has NEVER been estimated at being worth more than 650K yea they want 4X that. So they must be either full of themselves (and they might get that), or the MLS is wrong, or Oakhurst is really generous with their taxes.

If the House was closer to a major city, I think they could get that…but Oakhurst is a long ways away.


I like the living areas with the high ceilings and all the wood, otherwise it’s not really my style.

They’ll probably get close to what they’re asking. The housing market is still pretty retarded.

I really wouldn’t want a huge house. My custom build would be mostly garage, with a smallish house. I tend to lean towards minimalism and this is far from that!

There is so much wood on the front of the house and inside. I would not want to take care of all that wood. You’d constantly be varnishing it and doing other maintenance on it.

Agreed… too much wood. Sounds must echo like crazy in there.

Not to mention…they are in forest fire country. That house is all wood, lacquered inside and out, 40 years old and bone dry…I’m sure it wouldn’t last long enough for the fire department to get there.