First adventure game you played

Hey Everyone!

I was just wondering what the first adventure game you ever played was. For me…it was “adventure” and it was on a VIC 20. If memory serves me, it took like 20 days to load it from the tape drive which seemed to screw up a lot. Anyhow that was my first time messing with an adventure game, and from what I understand…that literally was the first adventure game created.

After that, my brother bought a Tandy 1000 and we got Space Quest I which definitely altered the trajectory of my life. I probably wouldn’t be making games had it not been for that game.

From there I remember getting a copy of Beyond Zork from Pace (a K-Mart competitor to Sams) which was Beyond Hard.

That was pretty much what got me started. After that I played every Sierra game I could get my hands on! You can read more about how I got started in this blog
Blog - Why Adventure Games?

So…what was your first adventure game?

My first Adventure game was "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. The original version was released in 1985. The goal of this game is to track Carmen’s villains around the world and arrest them and later ultimately arrest Carmen herself. In order to make an arrest the user had to have a warrant for the correct villain. The player began the game by visiting the city and country where the crime took place, and then obtaining hints from the bystanders on where the thief went next, leading them on a chase around the world to find the thief before they “get away.” In the process, the player collected clues about the villain’s identity to determine who the culprit is. When the player reached their final destination, the player presented the accurate warrant to arrest the villain.


The 2nd one I played was Space Quest 3, I think.

I am struggling to think of the earliest one; there were so many and so many new games since then. Man!

I’d have to say the original Zork was probably my first adventure game experience. I suspect I had something earlier on a Z80 machine but that is too far back to count :roll_eyes:

I think the first 3D adventure game I played was Ultima Underworld


I didn’t own my a PC, so I played at work. Played on a IBM 386 circa 1989:


Because of a project I was on, I got to have one of the most powerful computers in the company on my desk. Fun times!

Nobody needs a computer on their desk! What were you thinking! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Bahhaha…that is what work is for! Another reason we put the “Super Boss Key” inside our games :star_struck: