Finishing Sammy

Well, after moving Sammy from the old render box to the new box I wasn’t able to render here out anymore in Mental Ray (old render tech). So I tried to go with Arnold only to find that it has weird seam issues with UVs when you apply a normal map.

So I converted everything to Autodesks ART renderer which defintely took some work, but the improvements are definitely noticable!

Now it is time to finalize the animation sequences. Currently though I’m waiting on 3DS Max 2020 to finish installing a 9GB patch…yeah…so when that is done I will start on the animations.

Currently Sammy looks too uptight like she has a stick up her ass, so I have to loosen her pose a bit and get her to be less mechanical.

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Exciting! I watched a bit of the Twitch stream of you working. It’s fun to see the monster machine I built get some hard use :slight_smile:

I’m super stoked we can focus entirely on content now.

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Can’t wait to see the new version of Sammy with her pink hair walking around on the screen. :slight_smile:

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