Favorite Gaming Platform

What is your favorite platform to play games on? I started out playing games at home on our Atari 2600. We didn’t have that many games but I loved playing PacMan, Frogger and Galaga.

As a high school graduation present I got a PC from my parents or should I say a PC clone. :slight_smile: The first game I remember playing on it was a game a friend gave to me, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego.


For the longest time I played games on my desktop. Years later I bought Randy a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. For some reason we never bought very many games for it. Several years later we ended up selling it on Ebay, if I remember correctly. After that, we got an XBox 360. We now have a Nintendo Switch and I like it but hate that the controllers are so small. Maybe we’ll get some bigger controllers for it. I still think playing games on my desktop or laptop is my favorite way to play games. Although, I do like playing games on our big television with the Switch.

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Funny you posted that 2600. That was the one and only console that I ever owned!

I started gaming on the Timex Sinclair 1000, then the Commodore 64, 128, Tandy, TI-99 4A, Apple II, and finally went to the PC.

Since then it’s been 100% PC for me. I’ve always had a high-end machine with the latest graphics to play on. Until recently, you just couldn’t get equivalent performance on a console. I also had fun building PCs and I built a LOT of them over the years.

A big part of it too was all the ahem pirating that was going on in the early PC days. You typically had to pay for console games and they were expensive. This is no longer relevant, since everything you download is a virus these days, but it was a major factor. I had a friend that would come back from college at CU Boulder every few months with shoeboxes full of 3.5" floppies. It was gamer’s heaven. Remember Wing Commander? And the Speech Pack? I think it totaled 25 floppies!

So for me it’s still PC; I’m hooked. I’m interested in consoles, but I just can’t justify the extra expense and more importantly, the time I’d sink into playing more games. I feel like I have plenty to choose from on PC, and I’d rather go outside and throw a Frisbee once in a while or take a walk than fire up another video game platform.

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I tend to agree with you on many different points. I don’t have a lot of time for gaming as it is and when I do I’m usually on my computer so it’s just easier to play one of the many games I have on my PC. Also, there are times when I’d rather go outside for a walk, hike, bike ride or whatever else.

You have built a ton of PC’s over the years! I do remember Wing Commander and the Speech Pack. I remembered it had a lot of floppies but I didn’t remember it had that many. I remember 7th Guest had a lot of discs too but at that time it was CD’s.

It used to be that games for consoles were more expensive too. Now, I think they’re all fairly similar in price, depending upon what you get, of course.

I’m a PC guy. I’ve tried XBOX and PS3 but just too uncoordinated to work the dang controllers.

I also build my PC’s… although I’m much more of a software guy than a hardware guy.

I am totally for the PC, but…when we got the XBox 360…the ease of use and the fact that shit didn’t crash on me or need to be patched with a 45 petabyte patch right out of the gun made me feel like the old days of the PC…and let’s face it…an XBox is a PC. Most people don’t know it is just Windows 2000 with Ring 3 removed…now I don’t know about XBox 1, but the 360…that is what it was. So at heart I am PC

Having said that…my Amiga 500 was the F’ing bomb!!! Agony, Shadow of the Beast, Cadaver, It came from the desert…on and on…

Oh yeah, I loved the Amiga! We had hundreds of games for it. It was awesome!

Amiga was so far ahead of its time … Atari ST as well, but hardly anyone supported that machine.

With games coming out faster than ever these days, I can’t keep up. So PC will be where I stay until I’m retired or win the lottery and actually have time to spend on gaming.