Bulk Renaming of files

One of the tiniest yet super frustrating things when developing a game is having to rename files for things like image sequences for video, sprites, assets…blah blah…

Unfortunately if you use Windows Explorer’s rename for a bunch of files with the name (number) convention you will get a bunch out of order because it will start the first one with (1) and then then next one won’t be (2) it will be (10)…also you can’t pad with 0’s. Yeah yeah…I’ve seen people online say you can, but I have never got it to work reliably.

So here is a super nice utility that I found that will rename files for you in any possible way you can think of. Even if you want to change the order of the original files before renaming. So for dealing with sequential file output, I can’t say I could be any happier than the Bulk Rename Utility by some company in the UK.

Bulk Rename Untility

Hope this helps you with your game development!

Nice! I’ve been using this utility for over a decade. Always been 100%! Another thing I like is you don’t have to install it, you just toss the .exe somewhere. I miss those days!

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