29 - Where's the bug spray?

Stop buggin' me - jeeze

So, I've been a software developer for the past 33 years. I'd bet I've fixed thousands of bugs and probably created tens of thousands. It's one of the few professions where we create our own job security.

Ever wonder where the term “computer bug” comes from? According to the linked article:
"Famously the very first instance of a computer bug was recorded at 3:45 pm (15:45) on the 9th of September 1947. This “bug” was an actual real-life, well ex-moth, that was extracted from the number 70 relay, Panel F, of the Harvard Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator.

This “bug” was preserved for all time behind a piece of adhesive tape on the machines logbook with the now immortalized phrase “[The] First actual case of a bug being found”.

So the first “Computer Bug” was, in fact, a real insect."

“This log book, complete with attached moth, is part of the collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History”

That's pretty much how I always heard it. I love that Grace Hopper not only caused the first bug, but that she found and fixed it.

Well, we've been fixing bugs too! Because Randy's has been working on the Cortex engine for quite some time, it's fairly bug free. Which is to say that probably 95% of the bugs have been found and fixed. As we push the engine to do new things, code will get changed and new bugs will emerge.

Although not all bugs, here’s a quick list of things found and fixed:

  • Sammy sounds like a horse when she walks
  • Find a way of copying text from a dialog document containing special characters to Legend.
  • Game hangs when returning from “How to play” after adding scrolling
  • Comment flag in code to NOT clear event data between scene loads
  • Fixed Crashing error as a result of “hyper” clicking to leave an area

Lots more to do, but progress seems to be picking up. Stay tuned!

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It’s such a great feeling when the engine really starts to solidify. Knowing you can focus almost entirely on content is a huge milestone!

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I’m going to say 99.5% of the bugs are fixed :slight_smile:

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