28 - Ho Ho Ho... Uh Oh

Christmas time is here...

And that means Christmas parties! Giggle Horse had it's first Christmas party on Dec 7th and it was a lot of fun.

Very cool light one of the fans made

We ate some great food and imbibed on some fine adult beverages. Randy and Cathy setup a tree and bought us presents! Woo Hoo... we love presents!

Of course anyone that knows Randy knows that he loves being inappropriate. Everyone digs ugly Christmas sweaters and here's what Randy found.

One of Dave’s favorite movies

Lucky Elf

Hmmmmm… Beer… and it lights up!

Intern wears his feelings on his sweater

Dave must have farted

So as we're all chillin' out listening to a Christmas music playlist on YouTube, Randy and I pick up on some unusual lyrics by a drunk sounding Dean Martin singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. We rewind several times and sure enough everyone hears the same thing. Hear for yourself at 1:54 into the song.

Randy learns Santa might not be real

Once the hangover subsides, we'll be getting back to work. Just in time for New Years! Thanks for your patience :)

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I’m not sure if I should wear my new sweater to the family Xmas dinner … my 90-year-old mom might not take too kindly to “Yippee Kayay Motherfucker!” HA!

Especially when she finds out who got it for you :smiley:

I was really bummed about Santa, then I went to the mall and he was there…so I know you were just fucking with me now. Phewww! :star_struck: