24 - Dave gets an upgrade

Dave's Mic'd Up

によって書かれた Dave

I've been using a 20-year-old Shure SM58 for recording voice. It sounds good, but it's super fiddly - you have to position it exactly correct and speak into it at just the right angle. It's mounted on a floor-standing mic boom, and to get it in the right spot has always been a pain in the ass. You have to unscrew the mic boom, set it approx where you think it should be, screw it down, and repeat until it's ok. Not ideal, but it worked for just me since I could just leave it in that position all the time. Even so it was hard to read the voice overs on the screen and speak into the mic at the same time.

So in anticipation of having people over here (hint hint at an upcoming blog), moving the mic around a lot and making them comfortable, I upgraded my voice recording setup. This will make it much easier for both myself and others who are coming and going in “Studio VMP (Vocal Massage Parlor)”. It should also provide better audio quality.

Legendary… says so right on the box

So now we're using the same setup as the Joe Rogan podcast: Shure SM7B with Cloudlifter CM-1 preamp & K&M mic boom. Hells yeah!

Stay tuned for more happenings on Absolute Zero and a peek at how the sausage is made!
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