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Giggle Horse Gets An Intern

...And the best part is he's unpaid! The latest edition to the GiggleHorse family (albeit dysfunctional) is our new Graphic Design Intern Nick. We're going to have him work on 2D and 3D assets for Absolute Zero, and anything else we damn well please.

Nick's a Sagittarius who likes long walks in the rain and puppies... no wait... that's Dave. And speaking of Randy, it's his un-envious job to train the intern. So far they've been working on modeling in 3DS Max and art fundamentals like 1 and 2 point perspectives. Randy's making him draw things out (like on paper with a pencil) before he has him do the work inside a piece of software. Software will correct lots of problems and tends to draw things like circles and ellipsis perfectly... and frankly that's cheating.

In an upcoming blog, Nick will go over his latest 3DS Max assignment: Create a Medieval crate. This assignment is based off of three youtube videos:

Medieval Crate Part 1

Medieval Crate Part 2

Medieval Crate Part 3

Things were pretty challenging at first as 3DS Max has a very steep learning curve, but with Randy available for questions, Nick finished it.

Completed Medieval Crate
The completed crate

Nick loves graffiti, but realizes he won't make any $$ at it and will probably just get arrested. Here's a couple of examples of Nick's artwork:

You'll see Nick lurking around the forums from time to time... he goes by "Bad Intern". Feel free to hassle him or better yet, make him get you a cup of coffee!

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Hey Nick, how’s it goin’?

I’m gonna need you to pack up and move down to storage B.

If you’d take this here bug spray and see what you can do about the rodents, that’d be great … m’kay?