18 - PAX Seattle - Day 4

PAX - Day 4

Wait! What happened to Day 3?!?! Well, after staying up until 2:00 am at the party, we slept until 1:00 pm, got up ate some breakfast (if you consider sliders breakfast), visited the Gum Wall, and drank a couple champagne floats. We needed the whole day to recover.

The real fun on day 4 was the panel. Due to a series of fortunate events, Troels was asked to be the moderator and he was nice enough to wear one of our Absolute Zero shirts.

Adventure Game Panel. From the left: Troels Pleimert [The Space Quest Historian], Corey Cole [CEO, Transolar Games], Lori Cole [CEO, Transolar Games], Al Lowe [Creator/Designer/Writer, Formerly of Sierra On-Line], Dave Gilbert [CEO, Wadjet Eye Games], Ivy Dupler [Voice Actress, Clifftop Games], Francisco Gonzalez [Grundislav Games]

Randy, Al Lowe and Cathy

After the panel many of the game developers got together in a conference room and talked game development. Fransisco felt the need to pick up Troels and now he two inches shorter and apparently they're in love.

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