17 - PAX Seattle - Day 2 - Saturday Night

PAX - Day 2 - Party Time!

Saturday night was the Sierra party we'd been looking forward to. Lots of well known figures in the gaming industry were there: Al Lowe, Branden Blume, Josh Mandel, Corey and Lori Cole, Bruce Brenneise, Francisco Gonzalez, Phil Fortier, Metal Jesus, Drunken Master Paul, Ryan Phan, Nalani Brisco, Jess Lai, Julia Minamata, Roberta Vaughan, Heather Freyling, Steve Coupe, Josh Stewart, Douglas Herring, Anna Vigue, Keith O'Neil, Dave Gilbert, Kevin Wallace, and Ric Highbury. It was wall to wall people and everyone had a great time.

We had heard rumor that at past Sierra parties there was a drink "line of death" at the door when you got there and that seven shots would need to be consumed before you were allowed in. Thankfully there wasn't one and we were able to actually remember things about that night.

After getting there we walked around, introduced ourselves and got some drinks. It was getting really hot inside and a lot of people were heading out onto the deck. We’re fairly certain we heard the deck start creaking and felt that heading back inside would be a wise move.

Phil Fortier trying out Absolute Zero and the Dave’s Diner prototype

Josh, Drunken Master Paul, Tom and Danny from GameGrumps

Later in the night, after Randy had more than a couple of beers, the doorbell rang, Randy answers and it's Ron Gilbert. Now Randy knows who Ron is, but given the foggy veil of alcohol, he didn't recognize him right away. Ron followed Randy down to the basement and Randy went back to playing Absolute Zero. Ron watched, smiled and gave a nod of approval. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to actually talk with him as he was only there for a short time.

Troels and Danny hanging out

Al, Fransisco and Troels

Josh Mandel (Kings Quest) and Randy

It was a great party and really fun to meet all of those people we've known through gaming for so long. Super stoked the deck didn't collapse and kill us. Not sure it was rated for that much net worth.

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One of the most amazing nights of my life. When Al Lowe showed up, I just about blew a gasket. It didn’t feel real until I actually saw him there. That completely blew my mind. I’ve never been a huge fanboi, but being in the presence of one of my life-long heroes completely changed me. I’ve never been so excited to be working in this industry!

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