16 - PAX Seattle - Day 2 - Saturday

PAX - Day 2 - Saturday!

Saturday morning, Troels and Randy had been invited to go see Scott Murphy from Sierra Games. Sierra was one of the first video game companies back in the 80's when you had to buy video games in a box. He made the Space Quest adventure games. Troels has a couple of YouTube channels and he has a twitter account where he goes by Space Quest Historian. Troels knew him pretty well from online and they'd been talking for years. Randy was invited because he insisted that we fly Troels out here. That sure turned out to be a good idea :)

We needed to take a ferry to go meet Scott which was fun for Randy ‘cause this is the first time he got to ride a ferry.

Jeroen and Tom picked us up in a rented pickup truck to go to the ferry. We almost missed the ferry because, as we learned later, GPS signals bounce of high rises and confuse the directions.

If you get a chance to ride this particular ferry, they have ‘interesting’ food options. Jeroen tried the “⅓ lb. Mens Room Original Sausage” He wasn’t that impressed and said other Mens Room Sausage he’d had in the past was better.

After the ferry ride we were off to meet Scott Murphy. Jerone, who is not from the United States, was our driver. This proved to be quite exciting as we think he got the gas and brake confused at one point. Unfortunately Randy was holding a shiny new Starbucks Mocha when Jerone hit the gas accidentally and he dumped the mocha right down the front of his brand new white Giggle Horse shirt. Luckily Randy is really good at Photoshop and was able to remove the MASSIVE coffee stain in all of the pictures.

We thought we’d save a bunch of time in taking the ferry, but we were wrong. It’s an hour long ride and Danny actually beat us to Scott’s by an hour by taking an Uber. When we arrived we found him laying in the parking lot - literally. Scott was also in the parking lot playing with his cat. Those two had never met so Scott probably thought Danny was just working on his homeless routine.

Bottom left to top left: Troels Pleimert, Tom King, Randy Trulson
Top Right to bottom right: Jeroen Dekkers, Dan Avidan (a.k.a. Danny Sexbang), Scott Murphy

Randy knew that Danny had a YouTube channel called GameGrumps . What he didn't realize is that he has something like 4 other YouTube channels and is the singer of a comedic band (think Weird Al Yankovic) called Ninja Sex Party . Between all of the YouTube channels there are millions of subscribers. It's hard enough to get 1,000 subscribers much less millions!! And, as you can see, Danny is a huge Rush fan (Ed. Note: Agreed, awesome band!)

Scott Murphy was one of Randy’s idols as a kid. He never thought he’d meet him. He was very down to earth though and not pretentious at all, a really great guy.

Not sure, but Randy might be wearing the original pig nose worn by Scott Murphy on the back of the Space Quest I box… no I was mistaken, that’s his real nose.

Troels and Tom. Tom helped on some of the scenes for the new Space Venture game by Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe

By far the best Saturday day we've had in a long time... but it's not over yet... PARTY TIME!

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