15 - PAX Seattle - Day 1

PAX - Day 1

The next day we got up, got something to eat at Starbucks and headed over to PAX just up the street. I knew Seattle was the capital of Starbucks since that is where the first one was but I had no idea there would be one on every block especially right around the Washington Convention Center!

We had shirts made to give out as free advertisement for our game before we left. We had two pink ones made up. One especially for Troels because we paid for him to come out here and therefore he must do our bidding. He has tons of connections in the game industry and we knew it would be a good idea to bring him out.

Thankfully, he was a good sport about it. emoticon

Another good reason to have the super tall dude (Troels is 7’1”) wear the pink shirt is that you can spot him easily in a crowd!

We just happened to run into a girl from YouTube that Troels knew - EyeOfOnyx. She also happened to have had the same cancerous eye disease that my Randy had as a kid. She lost her eye to the cancer as well and had a custom made gemstone for the eye that she lost. The chances of meeting EyeOfOnyx at PAX out of almost 100,000 people and she just happened to have had the same cancerous eye disease as Randy is amazingly small!

Thank goodness we found her because she knew her way around PAX and was HUGELY helpful in getting us around the convention. It would have taken us three times longer without her help!

We had no idea which direction to go. Dave just started mooing.

Dinner time and some of the best Italian food that we’ve ever had. Next time Troels, wait 'till I’m done chewing before taking the picture!

A great first day at the convention, but the really cool stuff was still to come. Stay tuned!

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