13 - The Dark Lord is among us! - Part 2

The Dark Lord is among us! - Part 2

Building “NATAS”, the Devil’s easy bake oven

About six months ago, Dave went out and bought an air brush. I thought, “Yeah, I’m probably going to be getting an airbrush for 20% of its value after the master of ‘Stick Suckers’ discovers that he can’t draw.” Then he shows up with this box. I am still amazed and in shock that he did this. Here is a couple shots of how he painted it.

Front Cover

Front cover of the machine. It did have some lights indicating the system was on, but dumb ass painted over those. 😛 It’s all good, I like the dark look anyhow.

Backside Skull Top

On the back of Satan’s Easy Bake is a skull which you can see here.

Skull with a Jaw

Then He took a stencil and airbrushed a jaw and some other cool stuff like Skittles Stars.

Branding the box

So here you can see Dave made his own Stencil to create the name for the box.

The paint is fluorescent in parts like the skull eyes, so glows with the LED back lit cross. The cross comes with a remote with several colors and modes. I like red, but you can pick any color you want. No, wait, you can’t because you don’t have one 😀 Only I possess the power of the oven! Yeah!

Faint “666” in smoke above handle

Love the Eye Glow when Blue is on

Okay, so I hope you enjoyed this blog about the Devil’s Easy Bake oven. Now I have to get back to work and bake some textures and render some stuff on this puppy. I’m working on a concept visualization project at work at the moment, so I won’t get to load this up until a couple weeks. Don’t want to transfer the 3DS Max license mid project.

If you have any comments or questions, let me know….

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